The time is now to master digital 3D orthodontics. Don’t wait any further!

Hello colleagues and people curious about orthodontics,I am part of the first generation of digital natives, being born in the early 80s. Since my very first x286 personal computer I was magnetically attracted by technologies and it was natural to transfer this passion into orthodontics while getting into it. Oh well, as the name of the blog may let think I am an italian orthodontist living in Lausanne (Switzerland). I love to work hands-in-the-mouth of my patients but I also love to deeply understand what I do. That's why I never really ceased to study and I am working in private practice but also in the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as a part time researcher. When I am not working as an orthodontist I am running somewhere or climbing some mountains, as these are my favorite hobbies beside orthodontics =)Since the very beginning I oriented my studies and research in the 3D-imaging field, and more specifically into digital models. I was wishing to prepare myself to the future, but what was supposed to be the future 10 years ago, is pretty much the present right now. By opening my practice I intended to totally abolish all alginate and silicon impressions and have a no-plaster / no-paper office. I was wishing to exploit as best as possible all the advantages of digital models and I would like to share my experience with my colleagues my experience as 3D orthodontist*. Our profession is evolving so rapidly that a total shift to digital is getting imperative.This is my first post, in my first blog. I hope you could find useful tips around the blog. I would like to share little by little on a monthly basis tips and tricks of how to run, manage and profit of a 3D practice. There will be posts as well as videos. Comments and debates are welcome to live up the blog! =)

The time is now to master digital 3D orthodontics. Don’t wait any further!

Ave atque vale,**Luis HuancaImportant note* Important note: the opinion that I express on this blog are strictly personal and based on the usage of specific products as a standard customer. Whenever a conflict of interest exist, I won’t miss to declare it.** This is the way in which the philospher Lucio Anneo Seneca, actually my favorite philosopher with his "Letters to Lucilius", was always greeting his reader. That means "Bye and be in a good shape"

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